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With the story ”Continue smoking until you quit” you'll help yourself to build up the motivation and the will to make the decision to stop smoking. With the magic cards you'll be able to tame the smoke and then to use that energy in your hobbies or at work. The cards have suggestions of how to get to the path of good health, exercises for your mind and concrete tasks. The aim of this method is to transfer the smoker into being a non-smoker again, full of power and energy like he used to be before smoking.

You began smoking yourself. You will also give it up by making that decision yourself: NOW I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS!!! Or are you still a victim of the pressure from your friends who smoke, like when you started smoking at the first place. Are you still rebelling or trying to put up the tough guy act with the help of cigarettes. There must be other ways to do that. To some people, like myself, the paradoxes in the cards are a good way to ignite the forces inside that make you challenge yourself. For example:


You might think that it is a great sacrifice to give up smoking, to me, it felt more like a relief. I gave up the constant worrying of whether I had enough cigarettes and of where and when I could have a cigarette break. If your mind is thinking that you need a smoke, but you know that you must stop, it must feel very difficult to give up. But who is it that is forcing you – your mother?

If you are not able to quit smoking because of the fear of not being able to handle the withdrawal symptoms, you should start thinking about them as symptoms of getting better. Your way of looking at it and the feelings you have of quitting smoking change to something different – tingling.

If you really want to be afraid, you should think about how painful it is to die of emphysema, like my father-in-law, or of a heart attack, like my father. If you smoke, you should also be afraid of lung cancer, cancer of the mouth, pancreatic cancer, asthma, strokes and premature ageing of the skin. In cigarette smoke there are 40 carcinogens that cause cancer, but with my story and cards I try to give solutions rather than deterrents.

You probably use tobacco either as a way of rewarding yourself for something or without even noticing. However, as you play with the magic cards you will learn healthy ways of rewarding yourself. The mind gets easily stuck on the urge to smoke, so the book and the cards give you other interesting things and ideas to think about.

It is important to change your inner dialogue from negative to positive when you are trying to stop smoking. You are able to hear your inner dialogue when you slow and turn down your thinking. Listen to the thoughts and write them down on paper so you'll get distance from them. You can change the damaging thoughts into supportive ones either little by little or straight away.

Even if you are using antidepressants by doctor's orders or nicotine replacement products, the process of pondering and enhancing your mental powers lies ahead of you. I have created the magic playing cards and the book ”Continue Smoking until You Quit” based on my own experience for your help in that process. The book has 36 pages and the story about how to quit smoking successfully is very easy to read. As well as having suggestions you can act upon, the cards also have beautiful pictures of nature on them. The playing cards are also very good quality as they are TACTIC, a Finnish brand of cards.

When you are reading the book, you will learn to create a healthier future image to aim for. It is easy to reach a goal, if you know where it lies.

You are replacing cigarettes with, fresh smelling clothes, the feeling of being healthy and the ability to breathe freely. You will get into good condition and not only because of increased amount of exercise. I dare to promise also that instead of feeling insecure, your self confidence will go up. A new life begins. As Kurt Vonnegut would say, "So it is"

October 10, 2007
Leppilampi, Finland
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