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If you are considering quitting smoking or thinking about the time what it was like to be smoke-free, you have come home.

Have you considered that you have two ways of becoming smoke-free again; now or later. If you postpone the process for very long, the advantages of quitting will be lessened. But quitting is always worth the trouble if you value good health and your close ones even a little. The book and the cards have been written in the form of an educational story, and it is easy to identify oneself with the characters who wish to quit smoking and to become smoke-free step by step.

You are already in the beginning of the smoke-free path of your life if the image or the thought of what it would feel like to be a non-smoker again has crossed your mind. And you must be there already since you have read this far.

There are many stages in quitting smoking and every one who wishes to quit smoking has to go through at least some of them. For some people it may take a long time to want to stop smoking. Many smokers think about quitting with reason and others more with emotions. Even the most dedicated smokers end up to the stage of quitting. Only in the end you will become smoke-free like you were before you started smoking. "So it is", stated Kurt Vonnegut in his book.

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