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The book and the cards have been written in the form of an educational story, and it is easy to identify oneself with the characters who wish to quit smoking and to become smoke-free step by step.

-The book and the cards work best together, although either one of them on their own will help you to control your desire to smoke and transform it into something positive and productive. It is possible to cope with only one hand, but making a fire in a windy weather is easier with two hands.

-If you intend to go fishing, you should have a good boat. It is possible to get fish with bare hands, but if you take a rod and a net with you, fishing will be very easy. It is good to have same kind of a map to be able to find the best fishing spots and avoid the rocks. And the advice that the fellow fishermen give about having faith and trust in yourself is very important.

-I use many metafores and similes to release the emotional energy

to help one on the way to becoming smoke-free. Your self esteem will get higher from just one cigarette which you decide not to smoke that you would have normally had without even noticing.

-If you do not like reading, with these cards you will learn to be a skilful smoke tamer without even noticing. You will replace one part of the smoking ritual, the habit of using your hands, while you browse and fiddle with the cards both physically and mentally.

-Now I will reveal the secret formula of how to quit smoking. I am sure that you are a good person now as a smoker, but you may accept yourself and what you do better when you are smoke-free. It is easy to quit smoking. When you go through all the tasks in the cards from clubs to hearts, you are ready to live again as a non-smoker. Go ahead and doubt!

-You can reach your goal by doing something or by not doing anything, but remember to progress to the direction of your aim. The goal has to be desirable enough and truly worth the trouble to

carry you even through the pain ahead of you. The first step should be as easy as possible.